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Poster: William Tell Date: Dec 15, 2009 6:51am
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: Garcia's mad skills

Hey D--no need to apologize; it's always enjoyable to kick this stuff around, for me...though I am sympathetic to the awkwardness or pain it might also engender for you. I lean toward the perspective LiA outlined: in a way, I find it "justification" when we can have in depth discussions of the good and the bad. You know, the "unexamined life ain't worth living" aspect. Sure, there is a lot of subjectivity in art, but there are some general rules that we as a species apply (again, I lean strongly away from Post Modernist rants of "all is social construct").

Now, for me it makes Jerry all the more "human" to find that there were failings and various aspects of his lifestyle that contributed to a decline. This isn't meant for you because you articulated a well-reasoned appreciation of the man/group, but those that reject all criticism as taboo (in many domains one finds these sorts) to me go too far the other direction.

Take for example my old man. I can now look back with love and affection while assessing/accepting his many failings. Time and distance allows it of course, and yet, if I were to ignore or subvert the foibles and mis-steps of his I think it would be a dis-service to a full appreciation of what he did in this world and his relationship to me. Not sure if that makes any sense but I see a parallel.

So, while I still "worship" the DEAD, I find that critical discussion, esp because I am not musically inclined and need help (really), helps me appreciate them even more.

Hope this doesn't come off as patronizing cause I don't mean it to be along the lines of "if you were enlightened you could love and evaluate them like I do!"...just trying to describe my take on why all of this can be worthwhile.

Now, I do try to steer away from ever implying so and so is a douche because they think 81 is good, and I don't. In fact, BillyD made some excellent points in this thread, and it helped me appreciate 81 and him as well.

I really loved his putting a fine point on it all with his comment: "is it Tell or Grendel!?" since of course we all know it's ME. Seriously though, that was an excellent point.

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Poster: vapors Date: Dec 16, 2009 12:50pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: Garcia's mad skills

Coming back to this and finding that your words are sinking in a little better, I thought it would be appropriate to say thanks for the response. The parallel example of your dad does make a lot of sense, in addition to striking a personal nerve as well. At first I was thinking you were being sarcastic (!) when you said there was no need to apologize. Man I have to stop being so sensitive. Thanks to you (and LiA) for making the effort that has helped me out of my grumbling state.